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lovely picture of a contemporary area rug
Price: $345.60
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 Can be placed on any of your product pages
 Works with any product category
 Zero-impact on host site (does NOT slow down your page load times!)
 Fast minimal install: only requires a few lines of Javascript
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Increase Sales – Reduce Returns

 Convert Reluctant Shoppers by displaying Colors more accurately
 Limit Guesswork and Inquiries due to inaccurate Product Photos
 Allow Shoppers to view Colors in their home before purchase
 Reduce “Not as Pictured” Returns, Complaints and associated costs/hassles

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 ShowMeTheColor Widget
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In The News

RugStudio, one of the top three rugs-only web retailers in the U.S., reports initial tests of a new color matching technology shows signs that it will help reduce returns and boost consumer confidence when it comes to their color choices.


Widget Impact Data

  • Experiment Type: A/B test (50/50). ShowMeTheColor Widget presented to half the visitors, other visitors see no Widget (status quo)
  • Percentage Increase/Decrease indicates relative change between group A (control, no Widget) and B (test, Widget)
  • Participation indicates percentage of visitors from test group B interacting with Widget (i.e. selection of Color Collection in drop-down menu)


  • Month 3 - March 2015
    Sales +2.30%
    Returns -6.10%
    Participation ~9%
  • Month 2 - February 2015
    Sales +1.80%
    Returns -5.70%
    Participation ~9%
  • Month 1 - January 2015
    Sales +1.00%


At this early stage, ~9% of Visitors are interacting with the Widget. A greater Impact is expected as the Widget Interaction Rate grows with increased awareness and when additional capabilities such as the clickable Color Swatch Feature to produce Matching Products are released.

Relevant Industry Stats


Frustration, Guesswork, Returns
55% of Shoppers consider Hassle of Returns Obstacle to Shopping Online
22% of Returns due to Item not as Portrayed Online


Returns, Lost Sales
$26B Lost Sales (All of Online Retail 2012)
$$ Labor, Logistics, Restocking Fees